Cadet Highlight: AC Connor Larkin

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RICHMOND, BC. – Air Cadet (AC) Connor Larkin of 692 BCIT Aerospace RCACS prepares for a day of tobogganing and snow tubing on Mt. Seymour located in North Vancouver on January 14, 2018.


Although only being a part of the cadet program for several months, AC Connor Larkin has already become an active member of several extra-curricular activities and teams within the squadron. With his growing interest in aviation, music, and public speaking, it was an easy choice for AC Larkin to participate ground school, band, and the effective speaking team.

Besides the stories his father has shared of his experience as a cadet in Ottawa, AC Larkin had little expectation of what the air cadet program had to offer. Upon joining, he realized that the cadet program has not only helped him develop more confidence to take initiative in his daily life, but has also enhanced his musical, and public speaking skills. Outside of cadets, AC Larkin attends Woodward Hill Elementary, played drums for two years, plays soccer, and participates in his school’s band. Residing in Surrey, BC. AC Larkin makes the trek to Richmond multiple times each week.

“I always knew I enjoyed public speaking but I didn’t know to what extent. Same with ground school; I knew I liked aviation but I’ve definitely grown a lot more interest [since joining].”

In future years, AC Larkin hopes to achieve his pilot’s license within the program.

Photo and content by: Flight Sergeant Angela Fu

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