Cadet Highlight: FSgt Eliel Derilo

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RICHMOND, BC – Flight Sergeant Eliel Derilo (left) of 692 BCIT Aerospace Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron (RCACS) is listening to his coach, Officer Cadet Brian Cheung, during a volleyball tournament held by 111 Pegasus RCACS in Vancouver, BC on December 9, 2017.

Ever since he was young, Flight Sergeant (FSgt) Derilo has always been interested in sports. He participates in many sports teams in H. J. Cambie Secondary School including basketball, volleyball, golf, and track and field. Throughout the five years in the air cadet program, he also involved himself in the squadron’s basketball, volleyball and dodgeball team. He achieved the title of Most Valuable Player on the basketball team, and took on the role of team captain for both volleyball and basketball. Recently, he led the squadron’s volleyball team to victory in a tournament hosted by 111 Pegasus Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron. Outside of sports, FSgt Derilo also has a passion for aviation. He hopes to obtain his glider and power pilot licenses before aging out. After he graduates from high school, he plans to attend the Royal Military College of Canada and believes that the cadet program is the perfect place to start his journey.

Volleyball is a great way to build teamwork within the cadets, which the air cadet program strives to achieve in youth. It is also an excellent opportunity to stimulate physical exercise and develop leadership.

FSgt Derilo cannot wait for basketball season to begin so he can bring back more wins for the squadron and motivate younger cadets.

Photo and content by: Flight Sergeant Cherry Lian

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