Cadet Highlight: WO2 Ravi Soni

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Cadets is all about finding something that you love. Whether it be aviation, drill or another team at the squadron, find what you love and try to make the most of it! Only through dedication will you find achievement.

WO2 Ravi Soni’s cousins who were previously in the program, and some who were already pilots, encouraged him to join the cadet program. Once he learned that he could obtain a pilot’s license through the program, he was inspired to achieve his dream. With hard work and dedication, he recently accomplished his goal as he received his Glider Pilot’s License. His awards and achievements includes the Lord Strathcona medal, Bronze Duke of Edinburgh, Long Service medal, Distinguished Marksman, and Standard First Aid. WO2 Soni has devoted many years into our squadron, in turn, he is able to learn not only about others, but also about himself.

I truly enjoying working with people, learning new things, helping others find their passion and watching them develop into extraordinary people.

Photo and content by: Flight Sergeant Angela Fu

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