Our next recruiting period will begin in September 2020.




Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. How old do I have to be to join Cadets?
      You can join as soon as you’ve reached your twelfth birthday and you can remain the day before your 19th birthday.
    2. When does 692 Squadron parade?
      We parade weekly on Thursdays from 6pm – 9:15pm during the School Year (September – June). There is also 1 community parade on July 1st.
    3. Where does 692 Squadron parade?
      We parade weekly at the BCIT Aerospace Campus in Richmond, BC located near Vancouver International Airport at Russ Baker Way and Cessna Drive. BCIT has generously sponsored the squadron by providing us with the ability to use their facilities in the evenings during our training nights, additional training weekends and an office for our administrative needs.
    4. My son/daughter is not sure if they want to join cadets but I really want them to join. What do you advise?
      We always advise cadets to give it a try for the first year and if they do like it to continue with the program. You can learn military precision drill, make new friends and have fun adventures both in-class and out in the wilderness. Plus, only in Air Cadets do you get an opportunity to go on Cessna familiarization and Glider familiarization flights!
    5. What makes 692 Squadron different from other Squadrons?
      We are not very different from other squadrons in Canada in terms of the main standardized training program we provide. However, 692 BCIT Aerospace Squadron does make an additional effort to provide a comprehensive optional training program for all cadets. Some activities that you can participate in include.

      • Our Military Band (learn to play music and march at the same time to a beautiful routine!)
      • Our Effective Speaking Program (learn to speak in front of groups whether small or big!)
      • Our Ground School Program (interested in earning your Pilot’s license in cadets? This program teaches you all the things you need to take the January exam for the scholarship programs)
      • Our award-winning First Aid Team (learn how to heal and take care of people)
      • Our Drill Team (learn to march in interesting formations in groups of 9 or 16)
      • Our Duke of Edinburgh Program (The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Young Canadians Challenge is an exciting self-development Programme available to all young people, equipping them with life skills to make a difference to themselves, their communities and their country.
    6. What happens to Cadets in the summer?
      • During the summer, training at our local headquarters will shutdown from mid-June to August. Regional Cadets Summer Training Centres offer training to cadets who are interested and do well during the training year from September – June.Excerpt from the Pacific Region Website at www.cadets.ca/pac/:
        Every summer hundreds of Air Cadets from squadrons across British Columbia travel to Cadet Summer Training Centres (CSTC) throughout Canada. RCSU (Pacific) currently supports two CSTCs for Air Cadets: Albert Head which is located outside of Victoria; and the Regional Gliding School (RGS) located in Comox, BC.The Air Cadet summer training program provides an opportunity to receive training that will enhance the skills developed at the Squadron level.
    7. My son/daughter’s 12th birthday is in the middle of the year, can I join mid-year?
      We only accept recruits at the designated recruiting time (typically September, and sometimes in January), to ensure that every cadet goes through the required courses to pass their level.

Other Questions? Please contact us at 692air@cadets.gc.ca