Drill Team

The Drill Team is an optional training activity in which cadets can learn, practise and perfect their ceremonial drill and go on to perform in multiple levels of competition.

Drill team members learn, practice and perfect the performance of a wide array of ceremonial drill movements in accordance with the Canadian Forces Manual of Drill and Ceremonial (CFP 201) to perform both a compulsory (drill movements in response to words of command) and precision (silent routine with choreographed formations) drill routine.

There are multiple levels of competition starting with the Lower Mainland Zone Drill Team competition which takes place in May of every year. Based on performance, the top teams have the opportunity to advance to provincial competitions.

The team is comprised of approximately 11-21 cadets depending on the category of the team including one Drill Team Commander (DTC), Second In Command (2IC) and not including 2 spares. Members can be of any age, rank and level. Candidates must go through a try out process before being selected to compete as a team member.

Drill Team practises will begin in October and take place on Wednesday nights from 1900hrs to 2100hrs at BCIT ATC. As the date of competition nears, additional practises may be scheduled.

The Drill Team Officers (DTO) are 2Lt Ratnayake

Marksmanship Team

Marksmanship is an activity in which cadets learn to shoot air rifles precisely and practice on various targets at a distance of 10m. Cadets will learn the skills of self-discipline, confidence, patience and self-control while learning the techniques of this unique sport. Various competitions are available for those who are selected during the try out period that will take place until November. All cadets are invited to register for the try outs, but make sure you sign up quickly as the spots are limited. Practices take place Friday nights from 18h30 to 21h15. If you are selected for the team you are expected to be present at the majority of practices.


Orienteering is a type of cross-country race in which participants use a map and compass to navigate between checkpoints along an unfamiliar course. 1 competition is scheduled near the end of the training year but only a few cadets will be selected to participate. You will be expected to run long distances while navigating with a map through urban or rural environments, and anyone can try out. Practices are expected to begin in April 2017.

Effective Speaking

The 692 Effective Speaking program is a fun and enjoyable way for cadets from all walks of life to learn how to speak and communicate in front of an audience. Being able to articulate my own ideas in an effective way was one of the highlights for me as I participated in the program this year. Thanks to the support from everybody in Effective Speaking, all of the cadets managed to improve their public speaking abilities in ways that we never thought possible. Whether it be competing against other cadets, learning how to write speeches, or practicing in front of other people, the Effective Speaking program is certainly a part of cadets that everyone should give a try.